J. B. Duncan Yearbooks

J.B. Duncan & Associates is a yearbook
company with a goal to Produce Quality
Yearbooks at Affordable Prices.

We take pride in our yearbook program. We believe that the features we offer, the quality of our materials and workmanship and our prices surpass all other yearbook companies offering similar services. If you would like a sample book sent, along with sample covers for the upcoming school year, all under no obligation, call (800) 535-3229 and a member of our courteous staff will take your request by phone. Your school may already have a yearbook program, or you may be considering a publisher for the first time. When a choice has to be made concerning the company that will be creating lasting memories for your students, we hope you’ll choose J.B. Duncan & Associates, a name synonymous with quality.

Our yearbooks are produced using the finest quality materials. Typesetting is included at no additional charge Our layout pages and instruction manual make the preparation of your book as simple as placing pictures in a photo album. Both color and black & white photos can be used. Clip art selected from our catalog of over 800 images just needs its corresponding catalog number written in a box on the page where you wish it to be placed. We’ll size it according to your specifications. It’s really that simple! After we receive your completed layout, we will typeset your copy, print, bind and ship your books to you in only six weeks. (Allow one additional week for delivery).

Also available are options that can make your yearbook stand out from the ordinary. We offer several choices of exciting background images for your book. These images are used in our sample book which is available to you at no charge, simply by calling (800) 535-3229. Your school will have a variety of colorful softcover designs to choose from; or, if you wish, you may select the option of designing your own cover. We also offer beautiful hard cover books at very reasonable rates with the same great options available!

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Quality printing in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.